Saturday, March 03, 2012

Grow your sector knowledge using Twitter and Conferences

Hello again!

I've been following Microsoft development for years now and the advent of twitter gave me a brilliant insight into Microsoft developers thoughts and keeps me abreast of current feeling about technology by those developing it. For years i used Google Reader and added blogs and such forth to achieve the same result but it was must less immediate and much more in-depth.

This week has been a great week on twitter for me keeping up with what's going on at the MVP Conference (still not quite made it to MVP myself but that's all part of my life time goals plan ... ). OK so here a really obvious tip that only just occurred to m,e (stupid) if I hit the #mvp12 link in twitter and then hit the people link - presto a complete list of everyone who was at MVP and who is also on twitter - amazing - all the people i need to follow in one place:!/search/users/%23mvp12

I went through and more than quadrupled the amount of people I followed BUT hopefully this will give me an excellent view into what's happening going forward!

The same technique should work for any industry and any conference so if you're not sure who to follow and who's making noise in your industry target a conference and away you go!
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