Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Empire Avenue - Generating Portfolio Wealth & Eaves

After the initial flush of investments when signing up to Empire Avenue you may find it difficult to get as much interest in your shares as during the first few weeks. This can be frustrating but it is possible to generate continued interest with some savvy investing.

If you've not blown all your eaves on missions or upgrades consider investing in some of the Leader Board users. In effect these are "Top 100" lists for various social networks including those on Empire Avenue.

If you're looking for reciprocal investments I would suggest hitting the Portfolio Wealth section. This section is for those people/companies who are heavy investors (and therefore heavy users of EA). The interesting thing about these users is that they also tend to have high share prices and potentially a lot of Eaves to invest.

Follow this link and you should see the list:

Once you're there go down the list clicking on names and hit the invest button and buy as many shares as you are able! Leave them a shout out or share the buy on a network to alert them to the fact you're buying and with any luck you'll get some investment back (This is more likely with these types of users as previously stated) - the earnings from your share sales can then be funnelled into buying even more shares from the same or other users on the board and hopefully create a positive feedback loop to keep your portfolio & wealth growing!

If you enjoyed this post please also consider buying a share or two of mine here:

A few days after writing this post I thought i would update it with a small graph of what this approach has done for my share price - please see the graph below, the red box shows what happened once I started investing a small amount of Eaves in each member of the Top 100 Portfolio Wealth users. I think it speaks for itself!

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