Monday, August 19, 2013

Twitter Tactics: Don't thank your new follower - share and publicise them!

This is just a quick tip, some may do this already but its something I've only just started doing recently and whilst I couldn't say for sure whether it's a GREAT tactic or not it's nevertheless better than a simple "Thank you" tweet.

When you get a new follower - especially if they're in Digital Marketing (Be it a freelancer, an agency, developer or designer) if they're on twitter they're probably engaged in other Social Media areas. What I like to do, instead of a thank you, is find their Blog, Website,, or something they've created on-line and Tweet about that with a "via @xxx" suffix and some nice useful Hash-tags.

Personally I can see this being positive on several fronts, firstly it shows you're engaged - they followed you and you helped to promote them - everyone likes to be promoted. It also shows some courtesy, after all they've been good enough to follow you so after following them back spread the love!

Secondly if you share something of theirs with a via tag they will see it and hopefully remember you - you've backed up their decision to follow you by doing something nice for them in return - this will hopefully stick in their mind and hopefully when they need help with something they might just remember you over and above those which didn't do anything or someone who just said "Thanks".

If everyone of your followers tweeted about something you'd done and you tweeted about each of your followers it will eventually create a positive feedback loop for those engaging and may even drive up your followers and theirs - its an all round win win and only takes a few seconds!


Ted Coiné said...

Luke, I am so with you! That is a much better way of thanking someone than #ff. I know I, for one, prefer it immensely!

Ted Coiné said...
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