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What's the Big Idea?

At present the content delivery networks such as YouTube, Instagram and PInterest revolve for the most part around a single media type - you tube does video, Instagram pictures you've taken, Pinterest pictures you've found on-line. They are AWESOME seriously - what is possible on the Internet as it stands today is astounding! But, and there's always a but; that isn't necessarily very useful if you have a SET of files which together form part of a common subject spanning the different media used to record and display the information. Therefore Tweet File allows you to upload a collection of files directly and allows you to put links into the description field to other on-line supporting files from other services excellent services such as YouTube, Instagram and PInterest. It provides a single point on the internet whereby you can link your files and connect them to on-line resources in order to easily distribute, publise and discuss the topic to which the files refer.

How does it work?

Simply visit and login using your Twitter account. Once logged in you can use the upload panel (furthest on the left) to set a Title and Description. Then click the green button that says "Select files..." Select the file(s) you want to upload (This is often easiest if you put all the files you want to upload in a single folder first and then go there and select all the files).Once you've selected your files click the "Upload all" button.

Once the files have been uploaded you will automatically be redirected to the File Group page for those files. From there you can review your upload(s) and take some action!

At the bottom of the Files panel on the right buttons allow you to Tweet to an automatically generated unique #Hashtag about the file group - this is where your users can comment on the file group and start a discussion around the files (The hashtag based conversation is easily accessibly using the "Options and actions" button which is underneath the files list to "Read the buzz").  The other buttons underneath the Files panel allow you to share the link to the current page on a variety of Social Media sites as well as giving you the opportunity to update the title and description, delete the group and get the HTML Embed code so you can link directly from your blog or website,

Unfortunately older versions of Internet Explorer only allow you to select one file at a time (although you can click the upload files button more than once to add another file). This is quite annoying it would probably be a good idea to either download a different browser (Search for "GOOGLE CHROME" at or upgrade to Internet Explorer 10.

The Rules

1. Everything uploaded is PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE and you MUST own the copyright and be happy for your work to enter the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

2. ANY File can be uploaded provided that it is less than 50MB in size and conforms to rule 1.

3. If three users click on the "Report content" button the file group and its files will be disabled and will no longer be downloadable.

4. If an administrator of the site feels content is offensive they have the right to disable the filegroup automatically and or delete it without and reason or no warning will be given.

5. You MUST NOT upload any file that could in ANY WAY be harmful to another users computer. VIRII, TROJANS or MALWARE of any kind are prohibited and will be deleted immediately and permanently.

6. You MUST run a Virus Guard software program and keep it updated regularly - downloading random files from people you do not is not necessarily very safe so protect yourself first before downloading anything - we cannot presently detect infected files although we would very much like to provide this service automatically in the future.

7. Files you upload or download are at your own risk and responsibility. We WILL provide any information requested about YOU if a request from any law enforcement office is made.

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